About Sculptzilla

Here at Sculptzilla, we manufacture a wide range of bespoke, stunning, and eye-catching ‘themed sculptures.’ We serve clients from a number of sectors, including the production of sculpture for events, shops, theme parks, seasonal themes, window dressing, sports arenas, nightclubs, bars, weddings, and just about anything else!

Our work gives you an eye-catching centrepiece or themed setting for any special event that your guests will be amazed by.

Anyway, we let our work do the talking, so take a look around at our previous works and some of our latest pieces, then decide what sort of thing might give your event the wow-factor.

Note from the Founder

My name is Dan Walsh and I am the founder of Sculptzilla, encompassing over 15 years of experience in art, design, and sculpture. Creating and building bespoke, 3D sculptures and artworks for themed events and occasions is at the heart of what we do. Our work gives you an eye-catching centrepiece and adds the wow-factor for your special event that customers and guests will be amazed by!

Call us today for further information on the excellent range of sculptures we offer.

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